M&A Consulting

After many career years in the logistics industry and as a partner of WCL – WORLDWIDE CONSULTANTS IN LOGISTICS GmbH I have concentrated on M&A consulting with a special focus on your special requirements and needs as a medium-sized logistics entrepreneur. I am pleased that I have already been able to contribute to the successful conclusion of numerous M&A deals as an independent organizer, match-maker and mentor.

I would also like to support you in your company sale: as an experienced partner and above all as a reliable companion in the entire M&A transaction process and with a wide range of practical and consulting experience in the medium-sized logistics sector.

Well prepared with M&A advice – and optimally positioned

With comprehensive M&A consulting and support I relieve you of work and time already in the preparation phase of the company sale – which you can use for the continuation of your operational business. With experienced knowledge, I help you to compile all the figures and documents that a subsequent buyer needs to check: for example, the operating and profit figures, overviews of employees, customers and current contracts and other value documents.

I then prepare all the essential information for you, first as a sales taser for potential buyers and then as a comprehensive exposé. In this case, M&A consulting already pays off through the knowledge of all important core values – as well as through the knowledge of how the decisive buying incentive can be created. I am also fully familiar with the process of the buyer’s subsequent economic, tax and legal review of your company, the so-called due diligence and will help you to hand over all necessary information correctly and to speed up the sales process as much as possible.

As your M&A advisor I will find suitable buyers

Most investment-ready businesses hire M&A experts with the appropriate industry knowledge to find suitable companies to sell – and rarely turn directly to owners. Due to my network and international contacts, I am informed about the purchase intentions of many companies. Thus an efficient and fast matchmaking is an important part of my M&A consulting, which can greatly shorten the buyer search. My knowledge of the exact objectives of the investors also leads to the fact that I can position your company as an ideal strategic fit if necessary: a decisive factor for the highest possible sales revenue.

Achieve optimal sales value thanks to M&A consulting with industry knowledge

After many years of working in the logistics industry, I bring a multi-layered market knowledge to my M&A consulting. In addition to the obvious facts and figures, I can also include other decisive factors for truly attractive purchase offers: in addition to the strategic objectives of potential buyers, this also includes the reliable assessment of your company’s position in the market, the consideration of industry trends and much more. I can help you not to sell your company below market value.

M&A consulting can make a decisive contribution to maintaining value and jobs

As an entrepreneur, you have often created great value with your performance and are also responsible for your employees. As a companion at your side, I help you to protect your interests throughout the entire process of M&A consulting – and to preserve and protect values and jobs. An essential part of my M&A consulting is also to recognize the necessary and realizable optimization potential. Positive change before your company is offered on the market can ensure that both the purchase itself and the employee takeover are as attractive as possible for potential buyers.

M&A consulting brings you efficiently through negotiations – and to your goal

As an M&A strategist, I will understand asserting your interests even in difficult negotiation situations – tactically and factually coordinated with the dialogue partners involved in the process: in addition to the buyer, this always includes economic, tax and legal experts. I keep an eye on the different perspectives for you and prepare everything that is necessary in each negotiation phase, ideally tailored to the various requirements. In this way I can help you to make the sale more efficient and in as short a time window as possible. Moreover, the more successful M&A advice is, the more it is able to mediate objectively, find unifying solutions and, if necessary, find satisfactory compromises for you as the seller.

M&A consulting also for investment and purchase

I am also happy to offer you experienced M&A advice if you are interested in buying yourself or would like to invest strategically. I will help you to select the most attractive objects to be purchased in line with the necessary integration processes and ideal synergies as well as your strategic objectives: whether specific market entry, increase in company efficiency or expansion of the offer. Of course, I will also advise and accompany you as a buyer through the entire initiation and negotiation process.

Your question or request for M&A advice

Talk to me personally about your questions about my M&A consulting and what I can do for you as your consultant, partner and companion!